FDS Server — software designed to simplify the management of fire simulation of FDS program.

FDS Server consists of two parts:

  1. FDS Server — is the server part of the software FDS Server, installed on a separate computer that will calculate FDS-projects.
  2. FDS Client — is a graphical interface for working with FDS Server. Using FDS Client can connect to servers that are installed and running FDS Server .


The image shows a diagram of this system.

The principle of operation

FDS Server is an application with which you can implement a single solution for fire modeling. The program can be installed on a separate computer and access management calculations using FDS Client.


  • Access to the server from the local network (Intranet) and the Internet;
  • Separate password access for each user;
  • Intelligent queue management algorithm calculations. 


  • Creating a scene and calculation of the FDS-project on different computers;
  • Easy to use resources of one computer for calculations of many engineers.